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The students began with the basics. An initial task was learning how to input the time and date on their laptops. Pretty trivial stuff you might think, but it had an important outcome.

15 Common Traits of Successful 1:1 Computing Initiatives

One girl discovered that she could trick the computer: she put in the wrong dateā€¦and the machine accepted it! At that time kids and probably most adults believed that computers were infallible, too smart to be fooled. The kids started to understand that they could have control over their machines. And, perhaps, over their learning as well.

The teachers were proud of how well the girls cared for their machines. But they were taken aback when, a few weeks later, stickers of ponies and butterflies and fairies started to appear on the cases. They had accepted them as part of their world. This data will also inform the digital learning team of needed instructional programming services and resource development to assist schools in the state.

Currently, local districts leverage qualifying school funding resources, grants, and partnership project funds to help support their district mobile computing programs. Districts are encouraged to create sustainability plans for ongoing funding, technical support, professional learning, and digital resource budgets to help sustain high-quality programs.

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Districts are encouraged to make sure they assess the total cost of ownership TCO , return on investment RoI as well as the instructional return on investment to ensure a successful program. District are encouraged to recognize the importance of aligning their vision for student learning to the type of learning environments, mobile device selections, instructional material, and professional learning that leverage technology.

The Future Ready Dashboard tools within the context of our Wisconsin district planning tools to work across a collaborative district leadership team for effective planning and implementation, District teams are encouraged to consider the ecosystem and funding options needed to support a implementation program that includes:. Districts also need to create local acceptable use policies that empower students to leverage mobile devices and digital resources in their classrooms in responsible ways.

Can laptop use reduce educational gap?

Common Sense Media 1 to 1 Essentials Program. Ed Week: 15 years of research shows computing boosts achievement. Educational Outcomes and Research from Computing Settings.

For many children and adults, the public library is the only source of internet access. The Internet Discount Finder , created by the Wisconsin Public Services Commission, can help low-income households find discounted internet service. Schools and public libraries can play a critical role in promoting the Internet Discount Finder, to help all of their students and library users get internet access at home.

Review a presentation by Bill Herman, DPI Broadband and Erate consultant on how to effectively use the tool for your own district purposes to support your instructional planning goals. This included flexible seating and moveable tables, Ethernet network jacks and electrical outlets.

Do one-to-one laptop programs improve learning? | eSchool News

I was a new teacher, and I was not really prepared to teach in that new environment, but I had the benefit of youth and bravado. I saw many seasoned and excellent teachers struggling to put into context the changes that laptops brought to the learning environment.

On the other hand, I think the technology is so much more ready to support the dream and vision that we had at Brewster so many years ago! When I look back over the past 25 years, I have found some consistent and experience-proven guideposts that I think can help any teacher find success in their 1-to-1 classroom.

Too often, we adults look at things from our own personal adult perspective. No matter how innovative and open to new ideas you may think you are, our experiences color our perspective and our reactions.

1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work

I facilitated and managed the statewide 1-to-1 program in Maine that provided the laptops students carry to and from school everyday. I helped craft and pass a law in Maine that set up Department of Education support for schools to use digital textbooks and open educational resources. Traditional printed textbooks have been the mainstay of our education system for decades. Publishers go to great lengths to research content, design instruction, provide guided practice, assess learning and more.

But, as you look across the learning goals for your classroom, identify concepts and topics that are harder for your students.

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Hashtags like OER and GoOpen are another way to find other educators sharing and discussing digital content. You might also find a mix of OER and commercial content best meets the needs of your students. How do I know if this change is any good? Ruben Puentedura. You can find lots of articles about SAMR and how to use it.