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Teachers and supporters strike outside East High School on May 7, teachers to horrendous working conditions and expose students to overcrowded classrooms. to be written out of the script of a potentially radical democracy. . a rise in economic inequality, families unable to support themselves.

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Two men and two guitars — and a neverending will to please. Evergreens and new songs for everyone who has done business in a public lavatory. Gallery kajaste Kajaaninkatu Kajaaninkatu Sculptures and paintings. ArtLi Asemakatu We perform compelling Israeli dances, hoping for the audience to join.

More programme confirmed later; also for children. Works from several artists, snacks and drinks. Trending towards contemporary art, a veritable new art art shop opens for public. Vuolle in Night of the Arts. Vuolle Setlementti arranges entertaining and participatory programme. From the autumn term curriculum, presented are music, arts and crafts, languages, physical education, well-being and dance. Everyone gets to tak part in a communal art work, popup choirs and dance groups, playing ukulele, word art, drawing and giant soap bubbles.

Or do you wish to try a language immersion in Spanish, Italian, French or English? Bring small cash for the cotton candy or food from different cultures, all proceeds go to Vuolle Friendship House. At the stand of Work against Violence you can leave your angst to the Pain Box, be it a poem or some other kind of text. Tuba — Food and Lounge K18! Poetry served by Marko Heikkinen and Juha Kaarela. Oulun Muusajuhlat Female duo Pilvilintu from Oulu play mostly covers in their own style. Soft notes of jazz, swing and pop. Atmospheric singer-songwriter indie pop.

Two-man band from Oulu playing folk-rock. Muusa club concentrating on a Finnish songwriter legend Hector. Mini reading group lead by Jarkko Korpua analyses autobiographical Hector — Asfalttihippi Otava Oulun Muusajuhlat. Prunnitori Kasarmintie 1. All day: "Kurkistus" Sculpture Exhibition.

Voimala Kasarmintie 1. Actors throw themselves at the mercy of the audience A theatre play in Finnish, telling a story of Martta Johanna Koskinen, executed for treason in and thus the last woman to be executed in Finland. Not suitable for under year olds, 1 hour. Exhibition, colourful paintings.

Half price entrance all day. Art Museum curator Elina Vieru gives a guided tour to the exhibitions. All day free entrance. Reppu space, 1 st floor: 17—19 Nonstop-workshop: Sound drawing. Mobile phone throwing for everybody! Creative movement, having fun and body positivity! To everyone from 0 to years, fat, thin, shy, brave, clumsy, agile, men and women. Come as you are. Hupisaaret Park Between the summer theatre and playground.

This dance solo is about the feeling of "being home" and about nostalgia. Was it easier life when I was a child? Can I find a home everywhere in the world? OUi — French touch in Finland. Ainola Park Check for the accurate spot. Come paint natural rocks with acrylic paints. We bring the materials, you bring the creativity. Come rest your nerves by the art works! Possibility to join in a communal art work, also.

Children's music in Finnish. Soiva Siili duo play their songs, come and go and wish as you want! Games: Oulun University role playing club CRYO are at the museum, introducing the audience to games on themes of Oulu and history with a possibility to also play them. In Finnish, mostly. Arabia coffee cup collectors Marko Laukkanen and Susanna Hyykoski recounting their collection tales. Colourful and nostalgic cups have intrigued Oulu audiences, now only few days of the exhibit ending August 19 th remain.

Seven natural spirits of the North protect both Finnish and the global nature with their message and performance. In front of the museum inside if rainy. Small edibles, sweet and savoury, coffee, tea and melon-ginger drink. Cash only. Welcome to sell your extra items to evening flea market. Even if it is not that retro. Places on the museum front lawn are first come, first serve.

Open and free family pique-nique style park event, with local electronic music DJ's playing diverse rhythm music based on machine beats. Paavo J.

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Heinonen says the opening words. Other stuff may or may not go on. Equestrian vaulting, ie. Acrobatics on horseback. For possible changes, check facebook. The Tower: 11—02 Harvest of Picture Oulu! Photography Competition. Oulu Camera Club arranged a competition where participants had four hours to take the photos.

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Terrace: Author Eero Suvilehto's new book is a poetic journey to Sicily in springtime. Folk music group play ethnospirited music from home and other places. A novel-come-drama by Jarmo Stoor published in a book form. Finnish singer-songwriter with his new tracks. A folk group from Oulu. Lyrics in Finnish. Rude music in Finnish. The Cellar: Drawing from modern folk songs and world music with a drop of humour. Jazz band takes you back to the sixties. A political cabaret about the role of the church in society and the sweetness of judging.

Dance and song in the honour of Oulu bishop election. Inspired byt 's cabarets. A sidewalk concert does not have too much seating or really an exact performance time, it rather consists of freely improvised snippets of varying length, for joy and sadness of passers-by.

Also on show and on sale are paintings of late Jouni Kesti. Sculpture Yard E Pikisaarentie 7 B 1. Both in the garden and in the cellar; the artist is present to introduce the works. Popup exhibit in the studio of Leena Kangas. Gallery Harmaja WC Pikisaarentie Acoustic trio playing on the gallery sea terrace. Designers and crafters selling their produce from graphics to jewellery and from clothes to ceramics.

Street vendors spell out food, sweets and beverages both days of the fair. Open also Friday August 17 th 14— Textile, clothing, precious metals, restauration, media; in the 2 nd and 3 rd floors of Wool Factory, first floor clothing corridor of the main building, and on the frontyard media and the red ochre paint boiling by restauration.

Product sales until 10 PM. A popup exhibition from the theatre staging models curated by Kalle Nurminen. Start at every hour from downstairs lobby. Ticket campaign and raffle. Sound installation themed on David Bowie by Olli Paakkolanvaara. Like David Bowie did, this piece changes constantly, confusing the listener with an array of unexpected sounds.

Small Stage: Pikisali: Stories from the Bothnian Bay. Lobby Stage 2 nd Floor : Finnish language folk music with two-tone harmonies in a central role. About 10 minute performance. Audiovisual spectacle in prog rock, featuring also one Scottish bagpipe.

Play evergreens of Carola.

Vocal and piano duo from Oulu play jazzy standards and other classics. Stress on the hopeful and syrupy aspects of life and love, waiting for the evening to fall. Olli Paakkolanvaara.

Solo performance. Singing his soul out, with sky not the limit! Event space Laituri, 1 st floor: 18—22 Kirjastoklubi goes Muusat. Poetry Board assessess poems from Oulu lyricists. Aapo Kukko hosts Poetry Blind Date. To finish, orchestra Djangomania mixes American swing, French gipsy jazz and old Finnish schlager. Pakkala hall, 1 st floor: I About a dog who saved lives all around the world.

Recommended for 8 years and older. Hungarian, subtitles in English and Finnish. Directed by Robert-Adrian Pejo, 92 minutes. Children's section, 2 nd floor. RokkiPojat play children's music. Adult section Piazza, 2 nd floor: Digitization of the collection of prints, drawings, and photographs was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant MA You are here Home — Art — Collection.

Art at the DIA. Search Terms. Search Collection Keyword. Lucario A.


Waliccy A. Hebrard A. Lejambre A. Aubrey Bodine A. Cianfarani A. Wahl A. Barret Strait A. Beillet A. Bingen and Costenoble A. Bobbett A. Colish A. Franke A. Erkelens A. Cook A. Homura A. Cleveland A. Kimbel and J. Cabus A. Krause A.

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Majewski A. Manaranche A. Minewski A. Mozejko A. Russo A. Patey A. Penck A. Rogall A. Ruger A. Salmon A. Sauret A. Schiavonetti A. Sev'yer A. Wolfe Davidson A. Zwemmer Ltd. Coleman A. Harris and Co. Alexander T. Aikman Alexander Z. Hollingsworth Alvin James, Jr. Bowden Arthur J. Pulos Arthur J. Bloch and Company B. Chavannaz B. Koroczycka B. Banquier M. Glicker Benjamin D. Laquiche C. Bergamasco C. Burr C. Cernichiardo C. Edmund Delbos C.

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Bourquin and Co. Bruckmann A. Lewis F. Carlton Ball F. Champenois F. Delpech F. Stichl F. Foppens F. Stuart F. Guintotardi F. Holland Day F. Hugo d'Alesi F. Fithian F. Levillain F. Lienard F. Pennensus F. Pieters F. Ross Atwater F. Torond F. Vernon F. Fred E. Cohen Frederick E. Alden Smith G. Allan G. Biasioli G. Dluzniewska G. Engelmann G. Hawkins G. Terna G. Leblanc G. Marconi G. Morycinski G. Pillipe de Rosier G. Pussino G. Colton G. Travisanutto G.

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