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The Ergonomics of Computer Pointing Devices (Applied Computing)

Depending on your height, that may mean putting your computer in your lap. If you primarily need to look at the screen, elevate the laptop by putting it on a stack of magazines on the tray table. Alas, neither position offers much room for a separate pointing device, although you may be able to perch a trackball on a wide armrest. To avoid eyestrain, look away from the display or close your eyes periodically.

No matter where you are, you can usually find a straight-backed chair or other seat. Most hotels that cater to business travelers provide desks with power outlets and broadband Internet access. If you must work in bed, sit with your back against the headboard or wall, and place a pillow under your knees.


Above all, avoid placing the laptop in a position that forces you to swivel or bend your neck to the side to see the screen. If you have a choice, pick a spot in which neither you nor the computer screen is directly facing a bright window, and turn off lights that could reflect on the screen. Just need to limit repetitive movements.

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I can use the G without moving my arm or wrist. I just push it around with my fingers. Not gaming. So it might already be good enough. I do like al the features tracks are lacking. I will check out the Wowpen. You need to Build my Ergopwn Link in my Sig below. TP, I cannot see what exactly hat is. All I see is the PC boards.

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Unless I am missing something. I imagine knowing you from here you must have came up with a great solution.

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I will have to read that thread beter. I suppose I will go build it since I know you have great ideas. You are an attorney or that is a joke? Just wondering for no reason. I just noticed your sig I never look at. Otherwise the way I use a rodent is probably fine. I keep my wrist and arm stationary and simply move it around with my fingers in a very lose claw grip.

Of course I doubt anyone could game that way but I don't. I also found wrist rests are very painful with mice for me.

EP1500073A1 - Ergonomically shaped computer pointing device - Google Patents

For keyboards a hard one just elevates the wrists to the height of the board. So I guess with either device I prefer the table and no wrist rests. I figure this and a lot of other ergonomic issues are personal. I am not sure if there is any "correct posture" one size fits all. Also for instance I much prefer the big miller leather chair to the embody.

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