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Teachers and supporters strike outside East High School on May 7, teachers to horrendous working conditions and expose students to overcrowded classrooms. to be written out of the script of a potentially radical democracy. . a rise in economic inequality, families unable to support themselves.

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Where are the new economics we were hoping for?

Guide to The New Economics This book is an excellent guide to concept of the new economics , introducing us to the idea that economics does not have "to be stacked against social, environmental and individual well-being. Boyle and Simms's aim for the book is to show "us that real wealth can be measured by increased well-being and environmental sustainability rather than just having and consuming more things. The anecdote tells of the discovery by investigators that one of the many dodgy sub-prime mortgage portfolio's was signed simply 'M. As Boyle and Simms say, "This was a symbolic moment.

Big Picture Economics: How to Navigate the New Global Economy

If Mickey Mouse can take out a mortgage, then the system is revealed to be without any of the checks and balances that are supposed to safeguard us all. Intriguing Questions The book is divided into 11 easily digestible short essays.

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The first essay explains how we got into our current economic problems, the second gives a brief history of the new economics, which gives props to John Ruskin , E. Schumacher and Jonathan Porritt.

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New Economics Tools and Techniques These are all cleverly phrased questions, all with bold but slightly abstract subjects, which are so intriguing that you definitely want to know the answer. It is this light and entertaining approach to the very complex and often terribly dry topic of economics which makes 'The New Economics' highly readable.

The acronym glossary and appendices which lay out "20 First Steps to Rebuild A Better Economy" and "New Economics Tools and Techniques" are also welcome additions which break down the key information into bite size pieces.

Business As Usual? We also like that the authors have added a related reading list and notes at the end of each essay so that we can delve deeper into our new found interest in the future of economics at will.

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But is all this interesting writing just theory? Will we really be seeing the new economics take hold and truly benefitting people and the environment? Or will it just be, as some fear, business as usual?

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In the concluding essay the authors discuss this question:. Big Picture Economics helps readers understand how context impacts decisions and decision makers. The federal budget that must deal with complex issues, including the reduction of health care spending.

The New Economics: A Bigger Picture | Library

Where to produce and where to sell in a global economy that is more like a Mobius strip than a flat world. International events that can ripple through the economy and ultimately affect workers in the Midwest. Read this book to become a more educated judge of economic policy.

What brings the book to life is the authors' focus on these hidden interconnections. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

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